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Christmas is right around the corner, and with the season comes the opportunity to make big impressions on your customers and your community.

In addition to showing your customers that you care, you can drive brand loyalty with a custom Christmas Greeting Card video.

By doing this we will help save millions of trees by not using paper materials and eliminate the cost and labor of mailers.

The team will provide you with a Christmas video ad featuring the following:

1- Message from the CEO, president etc. (Your Christmas best wishes, to your customers, from the CEO)

2- Key product placements. (Show your products while the video's played to boost sales)

3- Your staff+company leadership. (This is a great opportunity to show case a happy staff, for hiring purposes.

4- Your customers. (Show case some of your customers if you'd like.)

5- Music licensing. (We made a Christmas song, and yes it's different from the ones that the radio constantly plays on a loop, and you can use it in the video for free!)

7- Help save the trees  and the planet by sending a digital video and not a Christmas a card that people just throw in the trash you will be able to track user engagement, and even include a call to action.
6- You can handle the ad placement yourself or leave it to our advertising team and we'll distribute the ad through whatever channels you would like, including, but not limited to: An email blast, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

One thing is for sure, if you send your clients and customers one of these videos, they will remember your business forever because music creates memories.

So call text or email us to get your Christmas promotion today.


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